Complexity is created by the observer.

Complexity is created by the observer. Infinite data streams  are caused by the conception of an external material world the nature of which  will appear to be unknown. If the observer dismantles the apparatus that causes this artifact-the notion of separation and the creation of limited awareness-the underlying field of awareness is not obscured. Being perfect connection, it is not subject to division but allows infinite diversity and associated limited systems and concepts of ego and ideation to exist. There is only one truth, but it contains all the possiblility for apparent error and falsehood.
There is no theory. There is no observation or complexity or accumulated libraries of opinion, just the simple potential for all these to come into being.
Inspiration is unitary and simple and not bound by logic or language. Inhabiting a limited perspective causes infinite and endlessly recursive argument, like the appearance of a universe from a singularity.


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