The meaning of things is their identity. The true meaning of things is the actuality of them. Making a conscious effort creates the impression of the mind, apparently causing external effects in the world. Any external effects are illustrations of the thoughts of the observer: to understand what is occurring in apparently empirical phenomena is to see them as part of a language.
Complexity indicates misunderstanding. Diversity is unitary. All things are unitary. Separation stems from it, but is a misapprehension.
Any concepts that do not recognise truth are false.
Diversity is a dialog.
Thought is a series of impressions of sensory phenomena. Hallucinatory. Analytical reasoning will select sensory data to create a narrative. An endless series of comments on a misapprehended data stream is a reductive and endlessly repeating cycle.
Evolution, being a process, will never reach a conclusion.
Degrees of knowledge are relativistic: the same as degrees of ignorance.
The truth is not secret. It is everything. It is not limited by understanding.
How can the endless procession of lives understand meaning?
The impressions a mind is aware of, whether or not it knows they are real, are part of its fabric.
Its material state and its internal dialog are made of the impressions it creates.
The impressions of a mind are its substance also.
The ideas it holds govern its dialog both internally and with what appears externally.
Forming the concept of complete understanding bypasses evolutionary processes and time-based logic.
Complete understanding is simply total receptivity: the overcoming of concepts of selfish negation.
A change of state may appear to occur, but that is from the misapprehension of a limited perspective.
A mind seeing itself as separate from an unknown environment chooses that form of limitation.
Contained in every aspect of a story’s narrative is possibility, and the answer to every question.


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