The dearly held axioms are just part of

The dearly held axioms are just part of the story.
Claims to rationality and the consequent reliance on learned behaviours depend on an underlying medium that can represent…
..all the thoughts and all the impressions of reality.
It is of the nature of everything, but allows the appearance of diversity and consequent limited subjective concepts.
Apparent exchanges of information or communication will be reductive, unless their context is acknowledged.
Transmitting or translating of information within a limited system would appear to degrade the signal.
Limited systems would not function without a containing system that has no limitations.
The signal or message is not the complete meaning of a concept, or language.
The meaning of the message is the understanding of where it came from, what caused its existence.
All experiences function as a language.
The meaning of everything is already known: the unknown is a dependant system created by the concept of limitation.
The knowing is the material of existence.
The intelligence of compassion is the realization that conceiving of separation and differences hide meaning.
Understanding the similarity in all things is the only meaningful conclusion of rationality.
Creating an unending dialogue based on limited data is a commentary on subjectivity and is not rational.
This is an aspect of you.
The existing of a shared concept or absolute abstract between minds or within a mind relies on…
..a universal continuum. It would not be possible to communicate anything otherwise, or for anything to exist.
The translation of information from one to another, or the apparent translation of an object in space or time…
…is the same.
If the goal is freedom, it must be known what freedom is.
Freedom is not being trapped by recursive or limiting thought processes or adherance to axioms.
You have always been free to transcend the weary repetition of conditioned behaviour.
There are no temporal rules that govern what you are.
The instantaneous and eternal inspiration that is your true nature has always existed.
It is transformed by your imagination.