Working Class

Language based on following rules expresses adherence to habitual behavior and mistakes that for communication (viz understanding alien rules or others’ experience). Those who attack incorrect usage tend to deem their way of life as being correct and use language filters to maintain that illusion.
Communication is improvised not formalised. People understand each other because they want to, and invent a conversation. If language is tailored to unique circumstances it will unconsciously generate its own lexicon and grammar. If it is generalized it will conform to rules, but the conversation will then tend towards cliché and the advertising of viewpoints, rather than sharing the panorama.
Using received pronunciation is groupying for an elite…a way of identifying with a social group in the same was as a street gang does…but without the honesty: the landowning classes derive from invaders that would speak differently and would attract followers willing to sell out the existing social structure for profit.
Standard forms or dialects evolve from their respective cultures. They conflict when one is assumed to be applicable the other. Horses for courses.
The imperialist dream of standard meanings, where everything is defined in terms of an executive order, stems from ‘educated’ people being unable to see the intellectual quality and value of ‘uneducated’ cultures. Education becomes conditioning , shown in the self referential mores of those proclaiming the value of monocultural snootiness and how they exemplify the culture.