Change is all around. It is cliches that do not change. The media likes to use terminology like ‘feckless’ in relation to the poor. Its all they can come up with to distract from how their income derives from exploiting the poor. The poor pay for all..from african slaves making british industrialists rich to peasants in china herded into electronics factories to avoid western safety standards to low wages in the uk not covering the rent to degrading welfare payments for the victims of deliberate financial mismanagement. The common thread in these cases is how the poor are regarded as less human than those exploiting them. This is the psychological necessity needed so that the middle classes in the form of politicians business and media can profit from cut throat economics while pretending the poor bring it on themselves. The revolution is to see intelligence not as the ability to exploit tools or people for selfish gain or to define oneself as different or superior, but as the ability to integrate with the environment. To see others as facets of ourselves. The intelligence is social not competitive and is contained in the relationships between things. Competition is just a lesser form of co-operation, it can’t exist in isolation. To not exploit is intelligent: compassion is the highest form of it. The oppressor is falsehood.


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