elitism dies

Re the interminable debate about who is worthy and who is not, it is those who sit in judgement of others who display unworthiness. It is middle class professionals who fail to perform their duties correctly in their positions of relative power and influence who fail society. The intellectual resources of an industrial nation could be channelled to devise stable social and economic systems…but instead an ever narrower definition of what it is to be a citizen is promulgated. The attacks on poor people have always been and remain an act of civil war. Communities are destroyed, livelihoods and accommodation sequestered. There are no rational ethical argument why poor people should subscribe to the hypocritical fake morality of the middle-classes. Welfare is not an unearned benefit. It is a token compensation paid to people because letting them die would look bad and lead to unrest. Even so, the conditions of those on welfare lead to deaths and unrest. People who pay tax are subsidised by those on welfare: taxpayers jobs are part of the economic system that created post industrial unemployment. Your job depends on exported jobs, the exported jobs were sacrificed to create your job. Welfare payments are not profitable for the recipient, they are designed to barely cover food, rent and other utilities. The profit is made by the owners of such utilities. That the media judges the moral culpability of welfare recipients is a measure of their own moral bankruptcy. A population can only sustain a certain level of entrepreneurial sole traders or start-ups. In a money based system people can only buy so many services or products. Novel, innovative services that are profitable will always be niche. People who complain about welfare recipients being to blame for high taxes are too dishonest to look at who really is exploiting who, and end up dimly repeating specious arguments.


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