In an unlimited state ideas would correspond to reality and not contain contradictions. The perception of matter and time or motion appears to exist within an entities’ mind…or a materialist would not be able to show that matter existed, because its mind would not know anything.

To maintain a view that only matter exists is contrary to scientific evidence: matter is assumed to be largely empty space, though modern physics now concludes that space is never empty on a level conveniently at the limit of being detected. The unknown is always at the limit of being detected.

Recently, holes have been found in mathematical theory  illustrating how it is still a construction with limits…and no jurisdiction of anything outside those limits. It appears that most mathematical theory is unproveable.

If enough people spend centuries building a structure that has integrity within itself (or appears to by its own self referential definition of integrity) it may be assumed the structures rules are universal.

The nature of existence would be best known in terms of what things are, not what they appear to be. The amount of scientifically unknown data in the universe could be infinite, calling into question any results based on what is said to be known by science.

Self referential systems may seem to function, but they only function because of something absolute or universal that allows finite error generating systems to function.

The particles and fields that matter is supposedly made of are an appearance superimposed on something that connects them and allows communication or connection between them..otherwise particles could not interact since they would be unaware of each others existence.

A materialist would hold that the mind is made of matter, tethered to a brain. This view if investigated gives rise to a more complete notion akin to non-materiality. Matter is essentially non-material…every part of matter is connected to every other part of what is known. The appearance is of the nature of communication. That is how it appears to an observing mind..that all is connected…that is materiality…the mind is connected and feels that it has a sensory impression of the world around it. For things to be unknown then a boundary would appear to exist between the observer and what is known

To know the postion of a particle would require the particle to be part of the mind percieving it. There is a limit to how far mathematics can predict the state of a complex system, so the knowledge of a particle or anything can only be known if it is part of the mind conceiving it.

A simplified theory is not the same as the real thing. The theory will appear to have a provisional reality, but a true theory will explain the exact identity of the relationship between the observer and the observed so that artifacts generated by errors in the theory are known.

The theory of knowing..awareness…consciousness..would contain the knowing of all other theories including the unknown.


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