Cheap labour

Dark Horse Dan points out from first hand experience that an  English flower picker working in Cornwall, England assumed a Polish accent in order to get work. The UK has had an influx of European workers over recent years.

Apparently, during the pre-crash “boom” years the long term unemployed figures in the UK remained static while hundreds of thousands of foreign workers were imported. This is not an argument for right-wing anti-foreign sentiment, but an argument for how the British government ( in common with many if not all others ) undercuts  workers in order to keep wages low. The experience of workers is that foreign workers will work for less pay, though now that many have settled in the UK they can’t sustain that indefinately and become more choosey.

Far from being wealth creators the entrepreneurial classes are mainly concerned with following the Henry Ford model ( apparently Ford was cruel – his employees were treated harshly ) where people are treated as cogs in a machine making whatever consumer junk is going to clog up landfills … until a machine can be built to replace the humans and put them out of work. They would argue that it is better to work on a production line than, say, in a paddy field..but the conditions  in some ( many? all? ) far eastern electronics plants are dehumanising. A recent scandal highlighted  the number of suicides amongst workers of one such plant.