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This post- apart from one or two grammatical changes-was originally sent as a reply to the Michael Deacon blog linked to below (part of the UK Daily Telegraph online) . The Telegraph appeared to have locked the blog within hours  so that few challenges to it could be made, and the response below could not be posted.  A version of it was successfully reposted as a comment to another Telegraph online article a few days later…but was removed soon after. The Michael Deacon blog remains (at the  time of writing in 2011).

The standards of the UK Daily Telegraph now seem to not only centre around self-centred British middle-class non-values but also conveniently dip into the slime-pool of sub-tabloidese anti-freedom propaganda in the form of light-entertainment-in-disguise cultural assassination and blog-based disposible junk, as in the toxic drug.

Start of reply to Michael Deacon’s blog:

Re: Article at

posted on the Daily Telegraph (UK) website 17.12.2009
…it seems to view the mass of humanity from across its English country lawns and gentrified town houses with contempt while its writers as exemplified by Deacon embody a spiteful, macho, thuggish mentality in keeping with the current political climate..when insulting buyers of  “Killing in the Name.”
Rage Against the Machine represent what many people feel far more than Michael Deacon and the rest of the establishment press do. The Telegraph’s writers and financial backers may think the politics espoused by Rage Against the Machine a threat (if they got as far as looking into them) or passe…the real threat to social stability and civility is the pseudo-educated hooliganism of writers like Deacon and politicians who use the influence they have to similarly put forward selfish, cynical and ignorant non-views designed to denigrate anything that may puncture the walled-off ghetto of consumerism they live in. They constantly put forward the view that if everyone did as they did then everyone would be as well off as they are.

That is not true.

The media and politics industry can be shown by its products to be populated by a large majority of scam-artists who do nothing useful for the world and absorb a large proportion per head of its riches, and promote themselves unceasingly to maintain that position. The world can only support so many self- aggrandising media pundits who give nothing real or useful.  Musicians by their nature bring people together in a social folk-art form. The compassion and inherent lack of ego it takes to make music always has some value.

Rage Against the Machine are singing about innocent people being murdered in the name of whatever expedient cause Deacon et al choose to overlook in favour of pilloriing people who purchase the record to give RATM a platform.

Their song is just as relevant now as when it was first released. It can be read as a comment on the dead bodies piling up in Afghanistan and Iraq and how people oppose the policies that cause such things…while the Deacons of this world are write their largely irrelevant popular entertainment reviews.
Integrity and sincerity deserves respect not mockery. If there is an argument against RATM’s politics critics should clearly state it.   Resorting  to insults and condescension embodies the ignorant stupidity that such  critics hypocritically observe in others.
As for the “snowballing horde of simpletons”, a group of people who speak out against war, help oppressed communities and reject destructive social norms may get to present their views from the  top of the charts. A lot of people are effectively voting for some of the views that Rage Against the Machine express…given that the mainstream media have so few if any writers that havent sold out..or even know what that means.
The metallic heavy aspects of the music may indeed mirror the emotional shock of the violent events they describe.

Michael Deacon:
“Rage Against the Machine are ultimately owned by his [Simon Cowell’s] record company. (Rage Against the Machine style themselves as anti-capitalists, which is no doubt why they signed a contract with Sony.)”

RATM use Sony to put out their music. They are not “owned”. Mr Deacon has already shown that he is oblivious to any ideas or value that RATM have and therefore the benefits of widely distributing their work will be lost on him too. It can be a complex world…simplifying someones ethical situation in order to lambast them is not as useful as educating them on how to overcome the apparent dilemma. It just shows that the article is either insidious propaganda or throw-away junk.

Michael Deacon:

“this dunderheaded pseudo-protest will do nothing to harm Cowell”


” But that’s not the sole reason the RATM-backers are daft”


“that crew of washed-up rent-a-rockers. ‘ Well, at least RATM write their own songs.’ Yes, but they’re catastrophically awful songs”


“Some sweet, well-meaning saps have even been dopey enough to download the RATM song on the grounds that some of the proceeds will go to the homeless charity Shelter.It presumably hasn’t occurred to them to donate directly to the charity itself. Doing the latter means that not only will Shelter get a larger slice of your money, you won’t be left with an abomination against music on your MP3 player.”

Deacon puts forward the view that he is more intelligent than people who like RATM. Presumably he assumes there is some public benefit in distributing negative views about them…the same benefit that selfish, middle-class right-wingers  think they bestow while either deliberately or through stupidity misunderstanding the broader culture that their privileged nest parasitically resides within.

The concept of flippant, thoughtless criticism of others’ taste does not display intelligence but self-referential ignorance and fascist thought processes.

Rage Against the Machine playing Killing in the Name on  BBC Radio 5 video

End of reply to Michael Deacon’s blog.